Wendy Bilas

Artist Statement

"My oil paintings are a celebration of light and its ever-changing, ever-dramatic, and ever-elusive impact on color.  While inspired by classic impressionists, I try to use my own sense of composition and calculated brushstroke to give my work a simplicity and a soulfulness all its own."

About the MESSENGERS Series
Nature is my sanctuary and I suppose you could say birds are my muses. Birds display beauty, color, freedom, heaven, and earth. They are transient -- in the moment and seasonally -- yet they are staid as they predictably migrate and inhabit nearly every acre of the earth. Birds also have a special family connection for me since my dad was an ornithologist and nature photographer. Every bird I paint has a story behind it and a message of time and place. The paintings celebrate the cardinals that visited our backyard feeder in the deep snows of a mountain winter and the rare warbler that visited briefly during spring migration. My dad photographed them all, and his photos inspire my paintings today. This series is full of contradictions, just as the messengers themselves are. Birds in these paintings are representational, yet abstract. They express life, but suggest mortality. They symbolize peace, but fight to survive. Birds follow us through life's triumphs and struggles, always providing a background soundtrack and color as they become the constant messengers for hope, peace, transience, and life.

Artist Bio

Wendy Bilas graduated with a bachelor's degree from Duke University and a master's from Wake Forest. In 2007, she was recognized as an Art with Heart Emerging Artist in North Carolina and has been honored in juried shows throughout the Southeast.  She works out of her studio in Charlotte, NC, where she lives with her husband, ESPN basketball commentator Jay Bilas, and their two children, Tori and

Giving Back
Wendy feels a calling to use her art to help others who are less fortunate. She is particularly interested in supporting children and families in her community, and for that reason, she donates a portion of her sales to agencies that help families in distress.
In 2018, Wendy will contribute her sales to Alexander Youth Network, a treatment program for children with mental illnesses. Wendy hopes to help raise money for the construction of a new family cottage where children and their families can stay together to receive residential treatment and training to overcome serious emotional challenges and become contributing members of society.

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