Ty Nathan Clark

Artist Statement 

"Lessons in Remembering"  is an abstract expressionist body of work expressing a life lived, memories gained and visions of what could be brought forth for eyes to see. Our memories are extremely important and vital to our human existence. Memory is the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. Our brains are a wondrous, complex, mysterious creation with the ability to store and throw away information at an incredible pace. Why do we forget certain moments and why do we remember certain moments? Our senses have the ability to trigger memories of people, places and emotions upon a moments notice.  As the artist grows older he continues to practice remembering as a way to not forget things that he should always have in the forefront of his mind. We are the collectors of time. This series of work is a collection of bits and pieces of memory and reflection. Each work is a representation of things that can not be spoken. The artist uses color as thought or reflection, texture as metaphor, line representing story in constant flux, marks exclaiming chaos and negative space welcoming cosmos, welcoming the audience into his memory.

“We can climb inside the cupboard and close the doors behind us, or climb inside, sit against the back wall, leave the doors wide open and remember it all.”- Ty Nathan Clark

Artist Bio

Ty Clark has been creating in multiple genres since he was 4 years old. Ty grew up in a family imbued by culture. His uncle was Conway “Jiggs” Pierson, the world renowned Sculptor and Raku artist, who impacted his drive and passion for the arts at an early age. He has been exhibiting nationally for over 15 years and in 2010 was named one of America’s Brightest Young Influencers by Catalyst.

In search of “The Thin Places”, places on earth where the “Divine Presence” is so strong that they serve as portals from this world to the next, Ty has traveled the globe. He has traveled to 5 continents while spending time living, serving, creating and learning in over 20 countries, and cultures around the world. Ty was named one of ten contemporary artists in Austin to watch in 2017 by Culture List.

In addition to the influence of his uncle “Jiggs” he studied under American sculptor William Catling while attending Azusa Pacific University’s School of Fine Arts. He has spearheaded collaborations with other artists, organizations, and communities around the world for the past two decades, advancing support and dialogue around issues regarding arts, culture, community building and poverty alleviation. Ty is currently in a post-grad Artist Cohort through Brehm Center in Pasadena, CA that is led by world renown abstract painter Makoto Fujimura.

His work is a representation of his stories, thoughts, prayers and dreams that he has compiled on his journeys, through his friends stories and his own writings. Ty is a student of music, literature and film (currently working on a feature documentary titled Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story), his passion for the history of cultural movements drives his love to create and share on canvas, written and spoken word, through a lens and on screen.

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