Tiril Benton

Artist Statement

"My work is a testament to my understanding and experience of Consciousness, the
Divine, God, Source.
A mystery.
A known mystery.

eyes closed, one master
the ever present possibility of destruction
trusting surrender
inviting birth
eternal dawn
receptive and empty
vibrations soar.

expressions from the crucible of experience.
an inexplicable dialogue that ends as abruptly as it began
rhythm, balance, harmony
no doubts
just being
living is painting
painting is living

Awe. Gratitude. Humility. Love.

The external experience serves as the catalyst for the internal striving to comprehend
the connectedness of all on an energetic level. Is it not the quest of the human journey
to balance the life of matter to the life of spirit. The ego to the true self. The experience
of the painting is the microcosm of this eternal struggle. Facing the tension between illusion and reality." - Tiril Benton

Artist Bio

Tiril was born in London and now resides in Huntsville, Alabama. Primarily self taught, she has had solo and group exhibitions in the US and Europe. Her works are part of many international and national private collections. Her pulsating abstract acrylics juxtapose a seemingly
unstoppable momentum of action with an expert, essential eye for editing. Tiril’s brushstrokes are objects in themselves – they are the
subject of the work, not a component – and they are palpably forceful. Yet they are deployed carefully, almost sparingly. A painting may
depict two marks, one black, one white, overlapping and interlocking, surrounded by bare canvas, or alternatively the infinite mixing and
blending that occurs when one shade of blue is laid across a field of white paint. With her strong, powerful lines and the emphasis on the
movement of the artist’s hand, Tiril’s most obvious spiritual predecessors are the Abstract Expressionists. But her work is not
declarative of herself; it is a lively and wholly committed exploration of the communicative possibilities of paint as a medium.

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