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Lunch & Learn with Marvin Espy

Sozo Gallery Presents:
A Lunch & Learn Event with Marvin Espy

Making Good Marks: As a Way of Life


“Life is an on-going series of moments, encounters, crossroads, and landmarks.  We seldom recognize how significant, impactful, and critical a single moment, or encounter may be.  An action or inaction, a comment or gesture, even the slightest consideration can have a lasting impact on our relationships, our careers, our communities, and on the world. Write an article, chair a committee, show appreciation, or share a meal.  Practice making marks.

A beautiful piece of art can consist of one singular, brilliantly inspired, perfectly executed mark. More often, at-least for me, beautiful works are a collective application and arrangement of hundreds of skillful strokes.  It is for each of us to practice making beautiful, thoughtful, and skillfully executed marks, in life and in our calling. “ - Marvin Espy

Tuesday, August 13
Sozo Gallery