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Lunch & Learn with Marvin Espy

Sozo Gallery Presents:
A Lunch & Learn Event with Marvin Espy

Making Good Marks: As a Way of Life


“Life is an on-going series of moments, encounters, crossroads, and landmarks.  We seldom recognize how significant, impactful, and critical a single moment, or encounter may be.  An action or inaction, a comment or gesture, even the slightest consideration can have a lasting impact on our relationships, our careers, our communities, and on the world. Write an article, chair a committee, show appreciation, or share a meal.  Practice making marks.

A beautiful piece of art can consist of one singular, brilliantly inspired, perfectly executed mark. More often, at-least for me, beautiful works are a collective application and arrangement of hundreds of skillful strokes.  It is for each of us to practice making beautiful, thoughtful, and skillfully executed marks, in life and in our calling. “ - Marvin Espy

Tuesday, August 13
Sozo Gallery

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Scotch and Chocolate Tasting
7:00 PM19:00

Scotch and Chocolate Tasting

Sozo Gallery will present noted ceramic sculptor Denny Gerwin and artisan chocolatier Blair Potts of Potts Chocolate on Wednesday, April 10th for an evening of art that will appeal to all the senses.

Gerwin and Potts will discuss how they develop their compositions as well as describe many of the mysteries their respective arts harbor. Both are inspired by other arts and share a love for Scotch Whiskey. Potts, a Scotch aficionado, will explain the history and technique of Scotch making as well as the different regions and types of this magical drink. Gerwin will be presenting ceramic Scotch sippers made just for the occasion, and Potts will be presenting pairings of Scotch and his unique truffles.

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