Shawn Marshall

Artist Statement

"For me, painting is a meditative practice; an outlet to release intuitive energy and let go of preconceived notions of self-imposed rules or judgements of how I interpret and portray the world. Though my architectural training often manifests itself in my work, it doesn’t constrain my freedom of expression.

Using palette knives and sharp edged tools I create a three-dimensional surface on the canvas; always striving to create a balance between the refined layers of impasto and the underlying landscape beyond. This “practice” is restorative as I create what I refer to as “inward landscapes.”

People often ask why I focus on landscapes. I’ve had to ask myself that question on a deeper level because it is a subject matter I cannot leave, nor grow tired of. I am a Third Culture Kid; I grew up overseas, moving many times as a missionary kid, and had the added layer of living in the midst of a civil war in Beirut, Lebanon in the early 70’s. I witnessed violence and lived in fear. The one thing that appeared to remain peaceful was the landscape, specifically the horizon. No matter what was happening around me, I could stare out at the landscape, to the horizon, and see stillness, beauty, and peace.

Landscape is still an escape for me." - Shawn Marshall

Artist Bio

As a “Third Culture Kid,” Shawn Marshall grew up overseas. She and her family lived in the midst of a civil war in Beirut, Lebanon, and traveled extensively when she was young. Those experiences fueled her own passion for travel and for experiencing different landscapes and cultures. Currently she lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky where she teaches visual art. She has shown in both solo and group exhibitions in numerous cities including Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville and others. Marshall obtained a Bachelor  of Architecture from the University of Kentucky and a Master of Architecture with a Minor in Fine Art from Cornell University, and she has work in numerous corporate and private collections.