Patrick Fagerberg

Artist Bio

In 2011, Patrick Fagerberg was at the height of his career as a successful defense attorney in Austin, Texas. On the evening of March 19th, he attended a concert at a popular music venue, during which a 400 pound camera boom collapsed and struck him on the head. The accident injured his brain’s left hemisphere. His life would never be the same. He discovered painting in an art therapy class. In psychological terms, Mr. Fagerberg’s injury brought about “savant syndrome,” a condition in which a person with a brain injury develops an “island of genius,” suddenly “excelling in music, art, calendar calculating, or mathematics.” Now a full time artist, Fagerberg creates stunning bodies of work that simultaneously evoke images of a cell, the mysterious and awe-inspiring cosmos, a river’s tributary paths, and various other organic shapes. His works ebb and flow with movement and energy, each illuminated from within. The experimentation with sources of light can be seen throughout each of Fagerberg’s pieces, where shades of white are beautifully contrasted with shades of darker grays. Fagerberg is proudly presented at Sozo Gallery in collaboration with Gremillion & Co. Fine Art