ME Peterson

Artist Statement

“Significant Form | Emotional Participation - My art questions how we experience nature in our increasingly technological lives. I hope to counter the passive intake of images that bombard us daily by enticing the viewer to engage a moment with one of my painted assimilations of nature. My art originates from visual memories of remote landscapes, waterways and intriguing natural objects like seedpods. I sort the images of this mental slideshow and cull out elements that are not strictly representational but strike me as being vaguely familiar.

Balance | Color-to-Color Relations | Hybrid Materials - My creative process emphasizes balance and serenity in the arrangement of color and form. I try to set up new color-to-color relationships in my work and to innovate by painting with hybrid materials ranging from acrylic, oil crayon, plastics, woven vinyl, construction materials and fabric applied to canvas, boards and paper.

Direct Invention | Objective Traditions - In the studio, my work practice is spontaneous. I rarely make studies but always have a plan in mind. I begin with an underpainting and then add multiple layers. A solid foundation of old world painting skills gives me the courage to work directly into the surface and the confidence to be innovative. I get messy and playful on canvas but never give up full control: whatever I create must stand on its own in the time-honored tradition of painting." - ME Peterson

Artist Bio

Mary Elizabeth “M.E.” (Marvin) Peterson is an abstract artist based in CT and NC. A classically trained painter, her practice focuses on creating “Slow Art” that deliberately draws viewers in to increase well-being or what she calls flourishing. She often speaks in public about the transformative nature of art. Plant and marine life, water, and environmental circumstances inspire her creativity.

M.E. has been painting since age nine and is a graduate of The University of Connecticut and The Corcoran College of Art + Design. She is a juried member of the elite Silvermine Art Guild and received a residency grant from The Vermont Studio Center. Her work has been written about widely, appeared in movie and TV sets and is held in private and corporate collections worldwide. She has a strong exhibit record including prominent museums and galleries. Top US retailers sell quality reproductions of her art.

In 1997 M.E. underwent 11 hours of life-saving brain surgery for a vascular defect. In 2017 she had brain surgery to improve the previous repair and suffered a series of life-altering strokes as a complication. She has made a full recovery and returned to making art full time in the Spring of 2018.

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