Malu Tan

Artist Statement 

“My work is an attempt to attain a sublime juncture, to capture the life force of the natural world, and to make sense of our place in it. On a blank canvas, I paint loosely and intuitively with patches of color. I allow the paint to dry between layers and, occasionally, scrape back to re-discover past colors. To create interest and movement, I apply layers of expressive marks and texture. I also keep my work fresh and dynamic by blending the images into each other, evoking an atmospheric feel. This process is both intentional and experimental. I paint what I feel. My work is an abstract expression of my environment, filtered through my thoughts and emotions. It offers a sense of place that is both familiar and new; and it explores the rhythm and the deep silence in nature, as well as within ourselves.”

Artist Bio

Malu Tan was born in Manila Philippines to a family of industrialists. Following her father and grandfather, she studied business at The De La Salle University and initially pursued banking. She was eventually asked to join one of the family’s businesses and later founded her own company. It was a move to London and education at The Art Academy that was the catalyst to pursue her childhood dream. Today, Tan paints full time at her studio. Her passion has been the gestural, textured and colorful landscape-like images that she paints.

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