Leonor Demori Neisler

Artist Statement

"Paint, photography, software, prints: these are my tools. I weave them together to produce form, color, line and volume, creating beautiful and intriguing compositions. My inspiration comes from chance, from the chaos of improvisation, from the forces of nature. I then submerge myself in a world of discovery, in making visible the invisible, in presenting to the viewer my personal journey. In this body of work I photograph small areas of surfaces I create using acrylic paint. With the help of computer technology, I’m able to focus on very small sections and capture the amazing images of pigment interactions. These images are the inspiration for my works, and digital printing and acrylic paint are my medium to let them become reality." - Leonor Demori Neisler

Artist Bio

Leonor Demori Neisler was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives in Charlotte, NC.  Before moving to Charlotte Leonor lived in Caracas and Washington DC.  She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Winthrop University, SC.  She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and a Master in Business Administration.  After several years of a successful career in international finance, Leonor decided to pursue another profession in the arts, converging her passion for both areas.