Kurt Herrmann

Artist Statement

I want the Color Bombs to be beacons of positivity that radiate across the room or whisper quietly beside you. I love the freedom and openness of color. These works don’t bring any baggage or hidden agenda. Lately I’ve realized how connected these paintings are to the landscape and seasons outside my window. I constantly feed on the natural world where I live, and it feels like I’m mentally taking millions of pictures of what is happening outside and instantly trying to distill those images into absolute color. Almost as if I was zooming in with a camera and plucking out the solid pixels of pure color that best represent what I’m seeing and feeling. Sometimes it is literal and other times it is my memory that dictates. Because in the depths of winter I may long for the riotous colors of Spring so much that I’ll reach back six months and extract a bit of yellow from a daffodil or some pink from too much sun. The memory bank of images is always changing and old and new are interchangeable. Sometimes they are ecstatic and full of verve and edge – like a saxophone exploding out of nowhere, or the sublime wail of a guitar rattling the windows. But other times they search for silence and quiet, and all the notes not played. They are like songs composed of shape and line that bask in the presence of absolute color representing nothing but themselves.

Artist Bio

Kurt Herrmann is a painter from central Pennsylvania who does both figurative and abstract work but above all is a colorist at heart. Although he continues working and living close to his roots in Pennsylvania his current gallery representation includes Anala Art ( Sydney, Australia ), 12 Gallery ( Auckland, New Zealand ), Penny Contemporary ( Hobart, Australia ), Yard Dog Gallery ( Austin, TX ), James Oliver Gallery ( Philadelphia, PA), and now Sozo Gallery in Charlotte, NC. The past few years hav seen solo and group shows at the Shoom Gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia, The Baikmin Museum of Bosung Gun (South Korea), and Sidewinder Gallery and Firecat Projects (Chicago). Recent projects include three large commissions for Lock Haven University’s recently renovated Ulmer Hall, and 2017 saw the creation of his sixth beer label for Elk Creek Café + Aleworks in Millheim, PA.

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