Juan Francisco Adaro

Juan Francisco Adaro is a contemporary painter born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1978 and currently living in Santa Rosa Beach Florida USA. Adaro has been painting for the last 20 years. Starting as a street and mural artist in his early twenties, he has developed what David Alfaro Siqueiros has call "controlled accident", a fast way of painting without thinking, building a strong sense of spontaneous living of the art making.

Adaro began as a self-taught artist and much of what he had learned has come from his interaction and observation of great art. Between 1996 and 2003 he studied at the National University of Art in Buenos Aires Prilidiano Pueyrredon and IUNA. He also studied with Susana Fedrano, Osvaldo Atila, Marcelo Carpita, Gerardo Ciancciolo and Enrrique Morales.

In 2010 he participated in an art residency in Cooperative Du Landion Champagne France. Since 2008 he has collaborated in the project Danse! with Linda Shaker (DJ France) and Javier Adaro (Musician France).

Today, Adaro Art is known for his large abstract and life size portraits using recycled materials and natural textures. He recreates each technique to suit his needs, from traditional oil paintings to live performances.
Adaro's paintings and works on paper merge the worlds of art and science, depicting natural forms and biological structures in vivid colour and imaginative detail. Throughout his abstract images, the artist has developed and expanded his interest in the natural world.

Adaro's work has been shown extensively in group exhibitions around the world, and in one-person exhibitions at leading institutions such as the BAC, the CC Borges and the CCC in Buenos Aires. Adaro is also a curator, entrepreneur, and a critical observer of the contemporary society. Adaro is represented in Buenos Aires, Argentina, New Orleans, Seaside, FL and Lyon, France.