Fanny Cohen

Artist Bio & Statement

Growing up in Miami Beach, Florida, I have been surrounded by lush flowers and vibrant colors which have influenced the way I see everything in life.  I have always pursued the Arts, and graduated from the University of Miami with an Arts Degree and a minor in Photography.  While Photography and Art were always a part of my personal life, I never shared my work publicly; family and friends were the only ones who knew about my passion for Photography since they were often my subjects; with the emergence of social media, I had to find new subjects that I could share freely and that is how my ongoing Flower Photography series began.

My flowers are either foraged finds that I see in my everyday life or ones I have purchased based on color, form, and how I believe they will look bathed in light.  

One collector described my work as "painting with a camera" which is very fitting.  I am always seeking a dreamy translucency that is saturated in color and has a painterly look.  I consider myself an intuitive Photographer and I create each image based on available light, color, and surroundings.  For me, the real beauty of each flower starts when the flowers begin to fade because that is when they become unique.

Through flowers, light, and color, I have begun to share my vision and I feel humbled and privileged to do so.

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