We rotate our art work every 4 to 6 weeks with a new featured artist with each rotation. During these rotations we host artist receptions. Please contact any of our gallery staff by phone, email, or in person to be added to our event mailing list!

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Sozo Gallery presents, Respite a group exhibit featuring the rich abstract landscapes of artists Dottie Leatherwood, Paul Norwood and Marisa Vogl.

This curated collection of work by three proficient and unique landscape artists centers around places and spaces that offer a respite from the busy world in which we live. Whether that be various spots amidst the low country as depicted in works by Leatherwood and Vogl, or any refuge along the East Coast portrayed by Norwood, this group show should invite the viewer to retreat to a place of peace, if only for a brief, blissful moment.

Respite is available for viewing from May 31 to July 11 with opening reception Friday, June 7, from 6-8pm.

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"In Bloom"

In Bloom.png

Sozo Gallery presents, “In Bloom,” an exhibit featuring the vibrant works of Ed Nash, Bre Crowell, Mary Ann Forehand, Liz Barber and more. Sozo Gallery will be partnering with Foxglove Fine Flowers, John Lupton Events, Pagoda Event Designs, and Darling Dogwood to display a number of floral interpretations of works from the collection. “In Bloom” is available for viewing from April 26 to May 30 with opening reception Friday, May 10, from 6-8pm. 

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Saison de Beauté

Saison De Beauté.jpg

Sozo Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition titled “Saison de Beauté” (Season of Beauty). This exhibit will explore the concept of ideal beauty through interpretations of various mediums. Featured artists include Julian Cardinal, Dennis Gerwin, Inslee Fariss and Bre Crowell. The collection is available for viewing from March 29 to April 25 with opening reception Friday, April 5, from 6-8pm.

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“Lessons in Remembering”

Lessons in Remembering.jpg

Sozo Gallery welcomes Texas-based abstract artist Ty Nathan Clark for “Lessons in Remembering,” a solo exhibit featuring a collection of the artist’s latest body of work. Clark, a writer, filmmaker, producer and basketball consultant, has been working on the collection throughout 2018 along with his upcoming feature documentary titled “Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story.” “Lessons in Remembering” uses the art of abstract expressionism to pull from a frame of memories, experiences and emotions, which Clark uses to lead the viewer through an exploration of his life.   

Series Statement

"Lessons in Remembering" is an abstract expressionist body of work expressing a life lived, memories gained and visions of what could be brought forth for eyes to see. Our memories are extremely important and vital to our human existence. Memory is the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. Our brains are a wondrous, complex, mysterious creation with the ability to store and throw away information at an incredible pace. Why do we forget certain moments and why do we remember certain moments? Our senses have the ability to trigger memories of people, places and emotions upon a moment’s notice.  As the artist grows older, he continues to practice remembering as a way to not forget things that he should always have in the forefront of his mind. 

We are the collectors of time. This series of work is a collection of bits and pieces of memory and reflection. Each work is a representation of things that cannot be spoken. The artist uses color as thought or reflection, texture as metaphor, line representing story in constant flux, marks exclaiming chaos and negative space welcoming cosmos, welcoming the audience into his memory. 

“We can climb inside the cupboard and close the doors behind us, or climb inside, sit against the back wall, leave the doors wide open and remember it all.”- Ty Nathan Clark

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