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Sozo Gallery presents: Unspoken

Sozo Gallery
is proud to present

a collection of works by Aaron Hequembourg

100 Pounds | Engraved assemblage from sharecropper houses | 66.50 x 45 

100 Pounds | Engraved assemblage from sharecropper houses | 66.50 x 45 

February  1-16, Sozo Gallery presents Unspoken, an exhibit featuring the works of Georgia-based artist, Aaron Hequembourg. Hequembourg, who’s work has been described as “the next generation of folk art,” has been creating a collection of mixed media
engravings featuring the faces and materials of a more than 200-year old Montecito farm.

The farm, which has been in his wife’s family since 1815, has housed many sharecroppers and
slaves. After moving there, Hequembourg was faced with deciding what to do with the
remaining homes. Instead of burning them down, he chose to repurpose the materials to
cultivate something new.
Using his training in engraving and printmaking, Hequembourg takes objects from a dark part of history to shed light on what the land left behind. Artist and historian, Amy Meadows described Hequembourg’s work as, “a visual celebration of those slaves, honoring them by creating these beautiful wood panels.

Join us on Fri. Feb. 2 from 6:00pm-8:00pm for opening night of the exhibition