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September Uptown Crawl

Join us at Sozo for the 

September Uptown Crawl 

Last chance to view "Transcendent Light" featuring works by Nicola Parente and Patrick Fagerberg

Thursday, September 28

6-9 PM


Light, and all it reveals in a painting, is ubiquitous to the history of art. Revolutionized by Caravaggio, the presence of light and its source in a piece of art is what gives it life, energy, and clarity. The two artists in this exhibition each have their own way of presenting light and its sources, effects, energy, and mysticism all through their abstract works.

Nicola Parente, an Italian artist based in Houston Texas, was named one of Houston’s Top 10 Painters by Houston Press Magazine and has exhibited works in galleries and museums in Texas and Mexico. Parente’s works are beautifully manipulated and changed by the presence of light. Through use of acrylic paints and negative space, Parente’s works resemble fragmented light and the spectrum of vibrant colors present in a ray of light. Parente states, “I explore movement, and from a visual perspective light creates visual images all around us. The speed of a fast train blurs vision, technology changes at the speed of light. It is those moments in life where we pause, for a crisp clean second and we see sharply the beauty in the world.”

Patrick Fagerberg was a successful defense attorney in Austin, Texas until a traumatic accident lead to a brain injury that brought about “savant syndrome,” a condition in which a person with a brain injury develops an “island of genius,” suddenly “excelling in music, art, calendar calculating, or mathematics.” Now a full time artist, Fagerberg creates stunning bodies of work that simultaneously evoke images of a cell, the mysterious and awe-inspiring cosmos, a river’s tributary paths, and various other organic shapes. His works ebb and flow with movement and energy, each illuminated from within. The experimentation with sources of light can be seen throughout each of Fagerberg’s pieces, where shades of white are beautifully contrasted with shades of darker grays.

Both artists are currently represented by Gremillion & Co. Fine Art Inc. in Houston, Texas. Works from each artist in the exhibition uniquely explore and present light and its properties, sources, effects, and magic. The exhibition will be on display at Sozo Gallery from August to September 2017.

Join us for:

samples from Rock Bottom Brewery and live music from Tenya Coleman!