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Sozo Gallery Presents: Through The Ethereal

Sozo Gallery is proud to present:
"Through The Ethereal"
 a selection of works by
Curt Butler, Scott Gardner, & Denny Gerwin.

What we cannot see always contributes to the overall power of a work of art. The three artists in this exhibition approach their work in such a way to expose those invisible and more ethereal characteristics of their chosen subjects. These exhibited artworks are produced by very different methods, but embody each artist’s search for a more sublime result. Scott Gardner’s photographs document his ongoing search for the spirit within silence. He allows us to share in that search by producing large-scale images that we can both visually and physically experience. They encapsulate us in nature and silence.  Denny Gerwin’s ceramic vessels are surfaced through a process that emphasizes the chemistry behind the art form. Experimenting with firing temperatures, kiln placement, and minerals, Gerwin manipulates the atmosphere around the work-in-progress. The visually stunning and textured surfaces result from Gerwin’s knowledge of the science behind the form. Curt Butler’s expressive paintings capture not only the expansive landscape, but also their atmospheric auras. His subjects are not randomly chosen; he travels to find landscapes that contain something transcendent from their physical existence. His swathed painting style, and technique of excavating into painted layers, allow Butler to give physical mass to the ethereal identity of the land.

"Through The Ethereal" will be on display this summer at Sozo Gallery. 

Join us for our exhibition opening
Thursday, July 27
214 N Tryon St. 
During the July Uptown Crawl