We rotate our art work every 4 to 6 weeks with a new featured artist with each rotation. During these rotations we host artist receptions. Please contact any of our gallery staff by phone, email, or in person to be added to our event mailing list!

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Sozo Gallery Presents: Bringing Forth

Sozo Gallery is proud to present

bringing forth

an exhibition of new works by
Laura Alma McCarthy


"The German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke writes that all things are “gestation and bringing forth” - that those outward things that we love, are excited about, that we mourn, or long for are recognized by us only because they have been with us growing in the dark, unseen places in our souls that nurture and nourish the moments that make up our lives before they are even known to us.  I consider all my paintings to be Momentos - memories of a moment.  In these internal landscapes that I paint, I try to capture those alchemical moments where our souls are molding the raw ingredients that will come forth to create the moments of our lives and the people we become." - Laura Alma McCarthy


Join us for an artist reception
during the Uptown Crawl
Thursday, October 26
6-9 PM