We rotate our art work every 4 to 6 weeks with a new featured artist with each rotation. During these rotations we host artist receptions. Please contact any of our gallery staff by phone, email, or in person to be added to our event mailing list!

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Sozo Gallery Presents: Through The Ethereal

Sozo Gallery is proud to present:
"Through The Ethereal"
 a selection of works by
Curt Butler, Scott Gardner, & Denny Gerwin.

What we cannot see always contributes to the overall power of a work of art. The three artists in this exhibition approach their work in such a way to expose those invisible and more ethereal characteristics of their chosen subjects. These exhibited artworks are produced by very different methods, but embody each artist’s search for a more sublime result. Scott Gardner’s photographs document his ongoing search for the spirit within silence. He allows us to share in that search by producing large-scale images that we can both visually and physically experience. They encapsulate us in nature and silence.  Denny Gerwin’s ceramic vessels are surfaced through a process that emphasizes the chemistry behind the art form. Experimenting with firing temperatures, kiln placement, and minerals, Gerwin manipulates the atmosphere around the work-in-progress. The visually stunning and textured surfaces result from Gerwin’s knowledge of the science behind the form. Curt Butler’s expressive paintings capture not only the expansive landscape, but also their atmospheric auras. His subjects are not randomly chosen; he travels to find landscapes that contain something transcendent from their physical existence. His swathed painting style, and technique of excavating into painted layers, allow Butler to give physical mass to the ethereal identity of the land.

"Through The Ethereal" will be on display this summer at Sozo Gallery. 

Join us for our exhibition opening
Thursday, July 27
214 N Tryon St. 
During the July Uptown Crawl

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June's Uptown Crawl featuring Sozo Gallery

Join us at Sozo Gallery
as a part of June's
Uptown Crawl

Explore Uptown Charlotte's arts and culture scene for FREE on Thursday, June 22nd! From 6-9 PM, hop on a complimentary trolley and ride around to all the participating locations. 

Three FREE trolleys will make a continuous loop, stopping at each participating gallery/museum:
Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture
New Gallery of Modern Art
Wells Fargo History Museum
Sozo Gallery
Projective Eye Gallery
Goodyear Arts
Allen Tate Charlotte - Center City Home & Art Gallery
Stoke Charlotte Pop-up Gallery
Sage Salon & Studio

During the Uptown Crawl, join us at Sozo Gallery to see our featured artist
Winnie Sidharta Ambron 's exhibition
"The Unbound Self"  

 In this exhibition, Winnie investigates identity and image through her primary method of collage. the artist presents a body of work, which touches on and challenges beauty norms and the ideal. These works have the ability to speak to each viewer and stir up both societal and inner reflection.

6:00 pm18:00

Sozo Gallery Presents: The Unbound Self

Sozo Gallery Presents:
The Unbound Self
a selection of works by
Winnie Sidharta Ambron

6:00-9:00 PM
214 N TRYON ST. 

"The primary modality through which I think and work is collage. The only difference is that in my head the division is intangible. The cut - the edit, the single chance, the removal and reassembling of time, of form, and of space has been the grounding component of my practice. This has been the guiding thread throughout my investigations of image, identity, and the historic precedent of portraiture as a means of coalescing the disparate dimensions of our fragmented human identities. 
My work is manifested in contemplation of metaphysical ideas of an ideal image. I mainly use images from women’s fashion magazines because they are among the most looked to sources in the governing of desire and the propagation of notions of female beauty. I cut and sift through thousands of abstract pieces, layering them atop or beside one another, touching and overlapping to produce a continuous “whole.” The collage in itself is by nature a form of rupture in the image’s latent hierarchy. These fragmented bodies become tokens of power and a resistance to the dominant cultural forms. They reflect the desire to transmit an ideal new image within the realm of figurative painting. 
In my process, I join together painting and collage on a uniform surface to evoke the temporality of montage. Whereas painting demonstrates the ability of my hand, collage favors and demonstrates a freedom of choice in its immediacy and abruptness. Painting affords me a more Proustian method of slowing down and taking hold of the nuance and subtlety that each fragment captures. Together, painting and collage reveal the gaps and cuts between images that become metaphors for lost time and memory. They point to the paths that retain and store our visual history as a sequence of decisive moments.
As primary sources become secondary, the resulting images become abstract morphologies that complicate representations of women and identity.  Through the experience of immigration and assimilation, I find myself in my work. This association with a body that I have become is something that is both inside and outside of the margins - a place where I can put or position myself against the ideal image, creating a contrasting new gestalt, one that contains a complex entity."


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The Psych presents: April Showers Mental Health Flowers

Join Sozo Gallery for this special event in support of Mental Health Awareness Month and The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).   

About the exhibit:

"The Psych is a curated collaboration from individuals who believe in mental health recovery. Through art, we have gathered a collection of works to show the Charlotte community. 

This is an exhibition of original works created by students in the Art Health Studio class at Central Piedmont Community College.

The Studio course is designed to encourage and/or support individuals who have concerns which limit their ability to express their creative interest in the visual arts. It is well-established that the Arts can demonstrate a therapeutic impact on many conditions. What is offered here is not intended or represented to be art therapy, although through the use of traditional methods, some may experience therapeutic outcomes after participating in the studio. 

Throughout this experience, students had the opportunity to use a range of media: graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, marker, and other materials. 

May is mental health awareness month, and the purpose of this themed project was to grow the understanding of our community's perception of mental health, while reducing associated stigma. Such partnerships have allowed these works to be exhibited for one night only in support of the individual with a condition, and for the community as a whole. 

The theme and subject matter of these works are original concepts done by the artists. 100% of the proceeds of all works sold go directly to the artists." - David Boyle,  The Psych

A presentation will begin at 6:30 featuring a few of the featured artists, David Boyle with The Psych, and Lauren Kestner with ARM.