Eloise Gamble

Artist Biography

In 2008, after 20 years producing celebrated sanguine portraits, Charlotte artist Eloise Gamble shifted her focus to oil painting and to non-figurative works.  Gamble is an avid gardener who is heavily influenced by the natural world and her departure into non-human subjects has allowed her to explore her deep connection and response to nature and has freed her to engage her imagination.

From her home studio in Charlotte, NC, Gamble paints landscapes, abstracts and organic forms like stones, nests and eggs.  Her style is quiet, calm and peaceful and she uses a soft palette to convey a sense of space and atmosphere.

A Hollins College graduate with a degree in Art History, Gamble has studied figurative drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in New Orleans and is also a professionally-trained photographer.  Her work has been featured in Charlotte Magazine and Southern Accents, and will be pictured in the Summer 2010 issue of Beautiful Homes.

She continues to accept commissions for her acclaimed portraits, in which she uses an old-world medium called Sanguine, a chalk-like substance used by the European masters for centuries. She enjoys the challenge of sensitive, subtle portraiture and has been praised for her ability to capture both the likeness and spirit of her subjects.

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