Chris Brandell

Artist Statement

“My work is a thematic anthology that connects my audience to an observed life

experience. Human interactions such as spoken words and provoked emotions inspire

me along with the underlying themes of sex and power which are ever present in our

experiences. I bear witness to these within the timeless context of minimal paint strokes.

Revealing the often uncomfortable, and yet profound, realities we encounter, my

paintings express our existence from often-denied viewpoints. My intention with each

piece is to start a conversation and provide a sacred space to question and invite in

parts of ourselves which we may never have acknowledged otherwise. 

I use wet-on-wet gesso and acrylic to create expanses for contemplation, and I dry-

brush pigment across the surface as the layers inform me. This contrast in process,

along with the application of textured oil and pastel marks, symbolizes the erasing of our

preconceived notions. Through this process, I apply color to canvas and ask the

observer to join me in redefining what we believe to be real.”

 -Chris Brandell

Artist Bio

Born and raised in New Rochelle, New York, Chris moved to the Washington, DC metropolitan area in the 70's with her family. Her artistic journey was realized in 2012 when her good friend and interior designer insisted Chris consider entering an open call at a local gallery. Only two years later after several group and solo exhibits, Chris was inducted into the National Association of Women Artists.

Chris seeks to interpret the complexity of the human condition while revealing her fundamental desire to explore color. Her work is mostly large scale mixed media paintings, and her tools include custom-made knives and large-format brushes. Chris’ paintings have been exhibited on both the East and West Coasts, and reside in many private collections.  

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