Bruce Nellsmith

Artist Statement

"The time I spend in France each year has an undeniable impact on my work. In years past, this impact was most often seen in the choice of motif or subject matter, however, this past spring, its influence was more on the way that I see the motif. Spending time in the colorful and light drenched Mediterranean village of Cassis, and later, Collioure, I began to appreciate the impact that this region had on the work of Derain and Matisse. Although I have always used color for its own sake, as well as in a formal, abstract way (and sometimes for its psychological impact), I began to use color and light as something solid, with weight. Color fields became more substantial and strokes of paint more independent of one another. Line work began to not only define form, but to find its way off of the form in an unbroken continuum, to encapsulate space – air, light, nothingness was made as solid as a wall. Lines are allowed their own lyrical qualities rather than strictly defining shape or form. Color would become investigatory although remain tied to nature (in this regard, I remained more loyal to Cezanne). The work might begin as, perhaps - a forthright attempt to capture the natural light and color of the subject/motif, but eventually would evolve to capture my feelings or the emotional impact that a place holds for me." - Bruce Nellsmith

Artist Bio

Bruce Nellsmith received his MFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his BFA from the University of Georgia in Athens. He is currently the Visual Arts Program Coordinator and Professor of Art at Newberry College. He has been selected for numerous exhibitions in the North and Southeast and has been the recipient of national awards in painting and drawing competitions. Bruce has been listed in Art in America's International Index to Artists several times. His work is included in many private, state, and public collections throughout the country and in Canada, including collections in New York City. His work has been exhibited in the South Carolina State Museum, featured on ETV, reviewed often by the State Newspaper, Carolina Arts, and Art Papers of Atlanta. He has been included in group shows twice in New York at the Limner Gallery. 

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