Crack The Door and Leave The Light On

For as long as I remember him speaking, our youngest son Brown tells me every single night, "Cwack the door and leave the bathroom light on please." Two nights ago he had a sleep over and after I tucked the boys in he shouted out in his super K-o-o-L 9 year old voice, 'Mooom, crack the door please'…um um…but no leave the light on? 

Yesterday one of my favorite yoga instructors, Jenn Decurtins led me and about 60 other yogis in an awesome class. Our focus was centered around a great read she had just discovered and  that it's okay to be vulnerable and to accept our imperfections. Our intention during those 75 minutes was to forget those imperfections and focus on the light within our hearts and the light that surrounds us.

Yes, know me. I'm going somewhere with this. Chill.

Every single Wednesday at 7:50 am it's my middle school carpool day. I'm entertained while driving 6 hormonal, raging teens to school. We are basically 4 families that live 6 houses apart…actually we are ONE big family. And yes, crazy Mama Hannah has made it the habit of praying at a stoplight. My hope is that when these teens reach adulthood they can remember (even at the stoplights) to pause and be grateful, pray for others in need, or show thanksgiving for all the blessings we are given. Each time I drive I ask the kids what's 'going on' or heavy on their hearts and I pray out loud for each child in the car, and their personal requests of a sick friend, an ill prepared pre-algebra test they are about to take, a cold-hearted teacher, or sometimes even a snotty sibling or friend. Regardless where our prayers lead us, I always always end with...

'and may these children reach out to someone lonely or sad today and let the joy and light that lives in their hearts be reflected today.'

Yep, Runnymede and Sharon Roads. Our light.

In 3 weeks Sozo will introduce a new featured artist, Laura Liberatore Szweda. Her works are all focused on LIGHT. Her inspiration of light has evolved since she's moved to the low country. Laura's works are layers and layers of rich color and texture. Sultry. Elegant. Radiant light. She'll pull you in with different color combinations that soothe your soul. The paintings draw you directly to the light each and every time.

Light represents truth, peace, serenity, calmness, warmth, peace and purity.

Come see Laura's works.

The lights are always on at Sozo.

We'll even leave the door cracked open for you.