Emotional Rescue

Emotional Rescue.

Song gets me moving every time. 

How in God's name do Mick's toothpick legs move that way? And who are those delirious women that think he's so hot. Seriously?

Rolling Stones. 1989. Yep, we saw them live in Jacksonville, Flordia with a car full. Sleeping bags, Doritos, fat free fig newtons, brown bags from the Piggly Wiggly on Meeting street, my boyfriend, roommates, laughing sorority sisters, and a few extras. Those were 'the days'. Ahhh.

Not better my dear hubs, just fun. Carefree.

This spring we'll have 8 incredibly talented local artist showcase their works at Sozo. Abstracts, children playing on the beach, harbor scenes, trees…. Beautiful colors and texture weaving stories to take you away and serve your imagination. Maybe take you back to carefree days?

On May 8th we'll have our opening of Partners artists at Sozo. One of the local foundations we'll be supporting and giving money back to is Hospice and Palliative Care of Charlotte. Having a father with Alzheimer's, I've seen firsthand support, love, and encouragement that Hospice provides. Their services to families and individuals is invaluable. 

Tears, denial, questioning our own decisions, pain, rescuing our loved ones that are suffering, doubt, anger, and fear.

Emotional Rescue. They are this, and more.

Come join us on Thursday, May 8th at Sozo. 

We might even play some Stones.