Our 5 Senses and Art

Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.
— Oscar Wilde

Recently our family of five road tripped to Charleston (home of my college alma mater). As we crossed over the infamous bridges into the Holy City, I rolled down the windows and breathed in that magical sulfur breeze, instantaneously dropping my blood pressure and soothing my soul. “NASTY!!!…..OOHHH….roll up the windows MOM…WHO passed gas?!” (they used another word/I don’t like to repeat) Seriously children, that stench does not soothe your hormonal teenage souls? 


Fall has arrived and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic lately. My sweet hubs caught me red handed last week with bathroom doors closed, sitting on the bathtub, and crying. I was sniffing (totally legal kids) my Daddy's after shave and craving his scent, his strength. I needed him near me. 

Fall is the time to harvest and reconnect with our sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. We all have certain senses that ‘take us back’ to a prior time of either freedom (childhood/college), relaxation (BC- before children), tension/heartache (poor relationship decisions), bliss/happiness (beautiful relationships), or ecstasy (non proper posting material or possibly retirement/ traveling)? 

Cool breezes and the smell of Tea Olive (it’s blooming now folks) -smell of security- my parent's bedroom (they had it planted all around their windows and frequently kept the windows up)

Hearing Prince and The Revolution- High School cheer routines/and thinking we ‘owned’ it. White gloves and all. I can still recite parts of 'When Doves Cry'. (but it would take a few martinis to show you)

Sound of a steam escaping the hole of a pot lid…the ‘dinging’- please be my Mom's infamous homemade vegetable beef stew

Smelling like The Bus Station- (for real) the best meat and three in Winnsboro….and the scent identified where you've dined

Musky scent of Bonfires- Beachside college Oyster Roast (heaven)

Halston cologne for Men- boyfriends that broke my heart (stench) 

A whiff of Mustela baby lotion- sweet days of mothering a newborn

Hearing Bagpipes - my father’s graveside service

Experiencing these senses is exactly how we want you to feel and experience art. We intend you to feel freedom, relaxation, ecstasy, and help take you to a place in your past or possibly a place you’ve never been. We all have different time periods of our lives that molded us into the beautiful human beings we are. Art can be enjoyed as a sentimental reflection, a mystery, thought provoking or a hope for something new to experience. I challenge all of you to ask yourself these questions next time you ‘double take’ a piece of art. What do I SEE? What do I TASTE? What do I FEEL? What do I HEAR? and What do I SMELL?

When you purchase a piece of art from us, we want you to connect to your senses every single time. 

work by Mary Rousseaux 12x12 

work by Mary Rousseaux 12x12 

Don’t wait for a tragedy, or a loss, or a clean or quiet house, or to be ‘perfectly’ organized to relish in your 5 senses. Pop your trunk, pull up your soccer sideline chairs in your yard this evening, and huddle up with some loved ones. Enjoy the sight of our lunar red moon and let us know what you experience.

Consciousness is inherent in each one of us. 

Be alert.  Connect to your senses. If you're having trouble, let us know. Pop in to Sozo and we'll help you explore.

But let's keep it real. You are not allowed near my after shave.