Laughter - world's best medicine

Everyone needs a friend that makes you laugh so hard you spew wine out your nose or have to cross your legs and pray your not going to pee in your pants. That's Melissa for me.

Tennis brought us together and I can't imagine my life without her.

We're down a set 4-3 on the tennis courts and losing to a woman easily 100 pounds overweight and has a knee brace and a limp. Melissa smirks to me 'They are laughing at you!' She knows how to make you laugh and how to 'light your fire'.

Imagine a white Madea. That's Melissa.

She doesn't even need to be drinking to come up with this stuff.

Melissa had an irregular heartbeat for 13 years and recently had to have a cardiac pacemaker placed. She had 2 uncles pass away at a young age from heart conditions. Cardiac specialist recommended the pacemaker for preventive measures and because of Melissa's recent EKG changes.  

Melissa is educated. Melissa has 'connections'. Melissa knows how to advocate for herself. Melissa has a supportive sister and husband that won't take 'no' for an answer. Melissa is fortunate. She has this effervescent energy and love that I want to keep around forever. 

This month Sozo is giving back a percentage of sales to a local non-profit Heartbright provides education for the community in healthy lifestyles and funds preventive cardiology programs in economically disadvantaged communities. We want to support this local foundation for those unlike Melissa, who don't have support/transportation/education and resources.

Join us on Thursday, May 29th 530-8. Bonterra is providing food and wine.

I'm thinking I should sell tickets just to let you have conversation with Melissa.

Kegels recommended.