Sercy (a small gift, a thoughtful surprise)

A sercy.  Love them!  Who doesn't? I like saying the word--try it. SERCY.

Fancy, fancy. (..and yes it's a real word. Look it up.)

I love surprising a friend with flowers from the Farmer's Market or gardenias from our yard to those crazy old fashioned photograph cocktail napkins that provide a good 'out loud' laugh.

It's the little things in life…I'll credit my Mama for that lesson.

However, when you are riding in the car transporting your 15 year old daughter from one destination to the next and she springs on ya, 'Hey Mom, SURPRISE! I'm getting a second earring piercing!' BAHAAAHA…I half snorted, and discovered nonstop belly laughter while wanting to cry. What happened to my smocked dress baby girl with a big pink bow? LIlly Pulitzer? Princess dress up?...Payback is Hell. 

I have sudden flashbacks of Duran Duran posters plastered in Sandi Wright's bedroom with a ice numbed earlobe and Sandi stabbing me with an icepick for that second piercing.

Walaa. My parents were so chill about it. DId I mention I am the 4th child?

Deep yoga breath. Move on Mama. Bigger issues on the horizon.

Sozo has some summer surprises for you. Southern ladies Liz Barber (from Atlanta) and Taylor Thomas (Charlotte) are bringing some huge colorful abstract sercys to Sozo.

Liz Barber

Liz Barber

Taylor Thomas

Taylor Thomas

Carmella Jarvi

Carmella Jarvi

Glass! Sozo is thrilled to debut local glass artist Carmella Jarvi. She's teasing you with elegant layers and layers of color creating fine art glass.

Just you wait.

Come spice up your summer with us. Take a morning or afternoon tour of our great galleries, museums, parks and restaurants uptown.

Walk away from your neighborhood pool for a day and get some culture people!

Miss Martha will be the only one at Sozo with an ice pick in hand. She'll be ready to serve you a refreshing cocktail.

You will not be disappointed. 

No surprises here.