The Meaning of Gather

The Meaning of Gather

Our Thursday night opening for Gather was a celebratory gathering and you could feel the spirit of creative energy, authenticity and people rooting for each other throughout the night. I’ve already rewritten this post and taking a slightly different direction focused around our exhibit and the deeper meaning of GATHER. 

Our artists did an incredible job creating work that centered on friends, families and even strangers coming together. Whether that be a first date in a cafe, cocktails at the beach, gathering around a dining room table with family, or driving that familiar drive and seeing home on the horizon.

Before our opening, Miss Martha (#teamSozo member and bartender) could immediately tell that there was heaviness in the air. She grabbed our gallery manager Sara Frances and my hands and exclaimed “Sisters, let’s PRAY! Dear heavenly Father…maker and creator…” 

You see friends, Miss Martha ‘sees us’. She notices. And I am grateful for the gathering spirit she’s ministered with everyone that enters Sozo’s door. Not only can she remember your favorite drink, but she is fully present when surrounded with others. 


Martha has been working with Hillary for 3 years and was affected just as much as we all were when we informed her of Hillary’s breast cancer diagnosis earlier this week. 

What I personally want people to take away from Gather, is an understanding and realization that it is truly the purposeful time we spend with others that roots us. Material possessions or followers on instagram will never create your village. Your secret key holders. Your casserole bakers

It’s the familiarities as in our paintings, these meeting grounds, these spaces of togetherness that we create connection. A moment of ‘i SEE YOU’. 

Today, especially, we need more I. SEE. YOU.

I’m convinced Martha has a direct hotline to God. And on top of that, she’s volunteered to gather and dance with us and ‘heavy’ pour everyone a glass of Rosé when we celebrate Hillary’s conquering this beast. 

Bring on the bell.

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