Deep In The Heart

If you've been following Sozo along, then you probably know that we just returned last week from the most exhilarating trip to Houston, Texas. (cue singing....'deep in the heart of Texas') My mentor Ron Gremillion, (crazy story here) offered our artist and friend Scott Gardner a solo show at his gallery during International Fotofest. 


Scott's solo show, stalking Deep Time was well, pretty mind blowing. The oversized works of the sky, mountains, clouds and the vast are printed on what appears to be velvet. The specific paper that Scott asked the printing lab to use is pretty dreamy. You want to touch it. Linger. No to be to cliche - but very much to me like the impressive Rothko Chapel. 


Yes! We visited that too of course. However, I didn't go back inside. I loved every single moment of my last (and first) visit that I didn't want it to take away from that experience. Rothko Chapel and viewing Mark Rothko's oversized canvases was a very spiritual visit for me, and conformation that chasing my mentor to Houston was exactly where I was supposed to be. 

In this short lived life we have on earth with the jobs we hold, the parents we are, the leaders in our community we strive to be- we must listen and stay open.  Scott's exhibit reminds me of that messaging each time I look at his newest works. 

Scott says that to him stalking Deep Time is about the fact that "Time is immeasurably vast and one single human life is but a blip. stalking Deep Time is a visual journal of my struggle to reconcile my fleeting animal moment with the infinite world I am swimming in."

Before the opening of his show he gave a heartfelt talk explaining his newest body of work to my mentor and their superb sales team of 5. I look over into my dear friend's baby blues and tell him, "you know I see God through you every single time you present your work". He sheepishly looks away with gratitude and rubs his tattooed arms- "I know- thank you," he says. My favorite is the one that has METTA beautifully inscribed on his inner arm.  


Metta - unconditional and unattached loving kindness. 

Oh to have more of that in our world, and fill it up with purely talented people that live the message as he does. 

Not only is the message inscribed on his arm, yet so evident that metta is inscribed Deeply In His Heart. 

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