The Ordinary

My mother always says, “Ordinary Moments make extraordinary memories.”

And of course, she is right. 


Over the past month our city, state and coast endured extensive damage from Hurricane Florence. One of the moments during Florence that stood out to me the most was seeing my homeless friend take cover in a huge single concrete construction pipe. The lined up electrical workers in their ready-preparedness trucks moved their equipment over to her pipe to help stake down her tarps and give her extra shelter. These were the same men who laid tire tracks out so she could plant her garden several weeks ago. 

Really? Yep. 

To these workers, these small acts may have seemed like an ordinary moment.....but for this woman, she was seen, she was noticed. 

Extraordinary moment. Check. Little things. Truly. 

What ordinary moments have your witnessed that you would you say helped shape the person you’ve become? 

Andrew Leventis’ solo exhibition “Mise-en-Scène” is about the ordinary. He has this incredible way of capturing moments from documentaries and films, and realistically pulling you into the scene. The moments he captures on canvas are the ‘missed moments’ or moments you may not have been most impressed by when watching the film. These seemingly mundane moments are the ones that mold the person, the movie, the character and the narrative. A recent study found that our mundane experiences may actually bring unexpected happiness in the future. We remember via Instagram and Facebook all the ‘big things’ – birthdays, weddings, births of our children, hospitalizations, tragedies – all usually captured on our phones. Surprisingly, research has found that when reminded of the small moments through discussion or reading old journals, THOSE reminders of the ordinary bring us the most joy.

Andrew Leventis : Pretty In Pink .PNG

Andrew’s work is an intense reminder of the true beauty we can discover within ordinary moments. 

Soccer carpools -an hour away 4 times a week? Bring it. Mama will sip on some tea and savor the ordinary.

Andrew Leventis: Tea .PNG

“Enjoy the little things in life...”- author Kurt Vonnegut.