Go Big or Go Home

For the last two weeks I served as one of the Camp Seafarer nurses and it was a beautiful escape. While boating on the Neuse River (on our time off) with friends we were discussing all the 'dirt on life'-one being how important it is at a summer camp (or anywhere in life honestly) to show up BIG. Whether it's screaming/singing 'Let It Go' at the top of your lungs, assisting in an emergency call to the lake, consoling a homesick child or evacuating 600 plus children for Hurricane Arthur (that's another blog) then for crying out loud- SHOW UP BIG!

Show up smiling. Put your best foot forward. Stop complaining. Bring it. It's contagious.

All duds need not apply.

Sozo's next brightest star is the incredibly talented Taylor Thomas. Taylor is our featured local artist until the end of August. 

This chick is no dud.

She is showing up with abstracts created with big brushstrokes, big color and an unveiling story behind each amazing work. When Taylor describes her creative process you will capture a glimpse of her grace, humility and her devotion of showing up 100% while still humbly crediting others for her talented gifts.

'Courage' by Taylor Thomas

'Courage' by Taylor Thomas

This gal has passion, purpose and is stepping out with some bold courage. Taylor's not settling.  

She has shown up big people. Taylor has arrived. And she's not going anywhere. (but up)