Something In The Water

Hello heat wave! Here at Sozo we’re hoping you and your family have been able to escape the summer heat and enjoy the serene beauty and rest of our local mountains and beaches. Camps. Beach time. Restorative summertime rest. 

Recently our family packed up and sold our lake home that has been in our family for over 53 years. That was my childhood ‘camp’. Swimming, skiing, boating, sailing (or capsizing), family BBQs, and the whispers at night of whip-or-whils and bull frogs. No cell phones, no internet. Just friends, family and nature. 

And the water. 

Written In The Water, Windy O'Connor

Written In The Water, Windy O'Connor

There is truly something in the water there. We've experienced something deeper and more powerful than the regular Sunday church ‘by boat’ and ‘river' baptisms we’d witness, or catfish the size of your smallest child, or the occasional stumps you avoid when skiing.

Truly something in the water. 

Reflective peace. Strength.

Sozo is thrilled to announce the solo exhibition of friend and artist Windy O'Connor. Windy and I go ‘way back’. Church friends, raising children the same age, lake trips, beach trips, laughs, introducing and selling her artworks through the Carolina Art Soiree for GBS/CIDP | Facebook (and my hubs thinks she looks and sings like Carrie Underwood and in my opinion her legs come in pretty darn close too) 

Come join us Friday August 12th and see Windy's newest art inspired by water. We’ll help you find the perfect piece to reflect on your happy place. Every time you study Windy's work you’ll discover a connection to stillness and internal peace. 

 Find it daily through your art. Reflective peace through your home surroundings. 

“Live every day, give it all that I have. Trust in someone bigger than me. There must be something in the water."

Drink it up.

Photographer: Ari Clare

Photographer: Ari Clare