Breathing Space

It's been a while since we've blogged, but yesterday's installation was such a pivotal moment for me personally.  Blog worthy indeed. 

Breathing Space is a dual artist show of Scott Gardner and Laura McCarthy's works.

Scott's work is from The Finding Silence Project , focusing on the significant importance of silence, and prayer and meditation.  Scott and I have a beautiful love story. True brotherly/sisterly love. It's beyond coincidental that he was brought into my life shortly after my father died...through Johnna Smith - Charlotte, my beautiful yoga mentor and teacher. More than his sheepish humble blue eyes, the fingers that twist the back of his hair when he's 'thinking', and his scruffy beard...I'm in awe of the layers of soulful giving and thoughtfulness Scott has taught me through his lens, his creativity...his heart. 

Thu Nanda Theit Hti, 16x24, Scott Gardner

Thu Nanda Theit Hti, 16x24, Scott Gardner

Laura, is the founder of and artist. Yesterday, she explained my most favorite painting. Possibly ever.

Stories. They are magic that Sozo wants to see by connecting your heart to the actual work.  Scenes From The Land of Yomi is about a Japanese narrative and was passionately produced after Laura lost her father. Grief. Alchemy. The stirring of emotions. This triptych creation is an internal landscape of her heart. Or yours. Or mine. 

And ohhh yes, I cried through the installation yesterday. (with Laura) 

Scenes from the Land of Yomi, Triptych, Laura McCarthy 

Scenes from the Land of Yomi, Triptych, Laura McCarthy 

You'll notice the vertical movements of the tar and paint representing the heartbeat....and then the slow and steady decline...and then a peaceful passing. Into Death. A transformational experience silenced with shimmers of gold. One last breath.

And quiet. Peace. 

And silence. 

Join us Friday May 20th 6-830 to hear more about Scott and Laura's works.

Join me in slowing down and catching our peace, our breath. 

I just threw up the white flag to crazy Maycember and booked a room in Charleston. Tonight. Solo. Going to gather some peace and quiet and reflective rest. 

We can't wait to hear your interpretations and personal stories when you view this show.