Conversation Heart

What's that perfect gift that keeps giving? You know it.


We've got works starting at $70! Local glass art, contemporary oils, works on paper, abstract oil hearts on glass, necklaces and more.

Flowers wilt (even though we love our neighbors at The Blossom Shop). And chocolate goes straight to your booty! So make a small investment and give something that promotes conversation and curiosity and lasts a lifetime.

Speaking of conversation and hearts... our hearts here at Sozo have been broken with the arrest and incarceration of one of our most favorite and loved homeless artist friends. She should have been taken to mental assistance, but instead, because of a misinformed and broken system, she sits and waits in jail - without receiving ANY treatment.

"If you don't like something, change it." Right?

So here we go. I love it when my husband 'comforts' me and says 'Honey this is WAY out of your ball park!' Dude...that is FIRE to my soul when you say that!

And I think he knows it. :)

Sozo loves nothing better than some uptown collaborating and creating. Minus the paint and canvas, we're about to help create some freaking amazing bridges. 

We've got former judges, public defenders, attorneys, doctors, jail liaisons, investors, psychologist and one spunky art gallery owner all coming together this week to create some magic. These folks have big hearts and are offering their time and wisdom and love to start the conversation. Conversations to connect, bridge the gaps, and identify resources. 

Besides selling some unbelievable art at Sozo and representing our 'family' of overly talented artist....we have a big heart. Of course we like connecting and selling you that perfecto piece that sings to your soul and says "TADA" when you enter that room. But we also want you to feel, hear and see our results in uptown. 

White collar plus conversation hearts. Dare me to start off our meeting tomorrow at the courthouse with a game? Nothing better than 'breaking down' some new friends, eh?

Have a heart this Valentine's Day, and try stirring up some conversations of your own.

Or better yet, come check out our art at Sozo and tell us what's on your heart.

Yep, Conversation Hearts by the handfuls. On us!