BJ Weeks

Artist Statement

"I enjoy working with various mediums, multiple layers of paint; all for increased depth, movement and interest.  I am always creating and evolving with my trade. I am truly humbled each time my work speaks to a collector.  When my musings, expressed on canvas, evoke a feeling or emotion in another, our souls are connected.  It brings me tremendous joy knowing that I am coloring the world one painting at a time." - BJ Weeks

Artist Bio

Bj Weeks is a multimedia artist in Madison, MS.  Her collections are represented in galleries and designer showrooms throughout the Southeast.  Her paintings have been exhibited and purchased for personal collections in many cities including, Manhattan, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Fort Myers, New Orleans and Charlotte.  In addition to these venues, she works directly with clients on commissioned pieces. Bj has been honored as a finalist in the Mississippi Museum of Arts Juried Art Competition.  She also shares her passion for art via her proprietorship of Splatter - An Art Studio On the Go.  This forum enables individuals to explore and create their own personal works.

Bj's love of color, as represented in her work, comes from the lucid memories she holds growing up on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.... the large green oaks with there flowing moss, breathtaking orange and pink sunsets and the imagery of life on the water are all embodied in her creativity.