Annie Labbé

Artist Bio

Annie Labbé is a French Canadian artist. Born in 1979 in Limoilou, she grew up in Charlesbourg, and now lives in Lévis. 

She was introduced to photography at the age of 14, and chose to continue her studies in fine arts at Cégep de Sainte-Foy. In 2003, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media from Laval University. After experimenting with many mediums including drawing, installation, sculpture and of course photography, the artist discovered that painting was her true passion. The artist took time to travel around the world, and realized that the mighty Saint Lawrence River close to her home was a big source of inspiration, which fascinated the artist at a crucial time in her career. The first works from her "Landscapes" series were soon created, depicting her favorite subject. This first series gave her the possibility to be represented by an art gallery in 2007.

During these 10 years, sold and shipped all around the world, her creation grown and took different directions. Two major series were born, inspired by the family and art studio life, The Square Series and The Architectural Series.

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