Amy Sullivan

Artist Statement

“My process is an intuitive exploration of simplicity. I am fascinated with negative spaces contradicted by positive mark-making. Carving into the wax and paint, penetrating masses of space with sharp edges, I respond to the tension of defining space and object in an almost sensual way.
Ever intrigued with the irony of painting, I wait for the voice that says hurry hurry, but slow down while you’re doing it. When I know I am finished, and I know that the work is complete, there is a feeling inside that says you’re home and safe, and at the same time it screams run.
Ever elusive, always familiar.” - Amy Sullivan

Artist Bio

With a degree in interior design from the University of Tennessee, Amy understands how art can pull together a room’s look. As such, while her work is represented by some of the finest galleries in the United States, Amy also works directly with interior designers and individuals to create paintings in exactly the size, look, and feel their spaces require.

Despite early creative leanings, Amy’s career initially took her down a decades-long path in corporate sales. That path served her well, honing her communication and business skills, but she eventually heeded her heart’s call to be the creative person she was meant to be. She first marketed herself as a decorative artist before finally settling into the life of a fine artist, painting daily in her North Carolina studio